Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Phantastic Items

Phantastic Items
Ok well the first new item is really cool in my opinion. :3
I bought like three different ones. X3 And it is a really cool den item. Ok moving on now.....
I even had to get this one from Jammie263's blog, Animal Jam Bouncies because this still won't show up in my store. ;3; It's ok i guess but, really creep. /)-(\ I hope it can't find me now! 

And for probualy the coolest item on this update....
I really like it. But sadly I don't have enough gems ;w;...... yet. Well the eye bobbles around and it shots lightning bolts from the eye. *le gasp* I know it's awesome!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arctic Wolves

Arctic Wolves: Everywhere But Nowhere
Arctic wolves are the most popular thing in Jamaa right now. Some people thought the people with arctic wolves were testing them for Animal Jam. Well they where wrong, these lucky Jammers found a code at the store before Animal Jam announced the new animal's arivial. There has been three jammers to be spotted with this awesome arctic wolf! There usernames are: liitlemighty, halohalo3, and jammerjamis. There has been another arctic wolf jammer spotted and they are star2200!
So how do you get an arctic wolf? Well these jammers just bought the code from Walmart. You could also wait until Animal Jam releases them where there is a lot in stores and in the online store. To find them at the store you kind of just have to look in the right places or just hope you get lucky. The arctic wolf code includes: 15,000 gems, an arctic wolf, and just like the lion code, I think you get a free den. That is what star2200 told me he got. I don't know if i left anything out or got the number of gems right but, I'm pretty sure I did. He told me the cost of it was about $16, the same as the price of the lion code.

Ok now on to the new items for today....
The first item is a angry pumpkin mask. 
(used from Jammie263 and Thebeatles0042 blog: Animal Jam Bouncies- Halloween Edition)
I had to use it from there blog because it won't show up in my clothing shop. :I
Well I do want this item so I hope it shows up soon!

The next item is a returning item from last year (the angery pumpkin mask is retutning too).
Well I guess that's it! Bye Jammers! Emmdog20 OUT!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Arctic Wolves and Returning Items

Witch Hats and Arctic Wolves
Hey Jammers! Its me emmdog20 .3. and today i have some really good news!
The witch hats are back in stores. They can only be bought at the Haunted Forest Party. The ones from last year still have the rare sign because the colors are kind of different. :P
(picture from Jammie263's blog- Animal Jam Bouncies- Halloween Edition)

The witch hat is really cool and i really want one! I had to use pictures from Jammie263's blog because the Haunted Forest Party isn't on right now. D:

Ok there is a new item underwater. It is members only and it only goes in member underwater dens (hmm i wonder why it's member then). 
There underwater phantom lights. Pretty cool if you ask me but, I wish they where member because underwater dens I wouldn't call "popular" (used a lot).

There is an item that is now underwater and on land. No it is not the same piece of clothing. You can buy and underwater one and then you can buy a on land one. 
The halo, which in my opinion is better looking on land. I think it is a nice piece of clothing. They should make more land and underwater clothing.

And at the Haunted Forest Party they have patches of fog. It looks good in your den if you have a big spot of it. :P

Ok now on to some interesting news...
So its been all around Animal Jam about the member Liitlemighty. How she has the arctic wolf!
Here's a picture of her wolf:
Pretty cool if you ask me. Well guess what?!? There has been two other jammers to be sited with this arctic wolf they are:
 Jammerjamis and...
So how did these lucky jammers get the arctic wolves you ask? Well people misunderstood
 how they got them. They got the animals by luck. Animal Jam had not announced this animal yet in stores but, these jammers already saw the cards with the codes in stores. So pretty much they are normal jammers that found something before Animal Jam made an update on it. I can't wait until they come in stores because I will so get one. They are going to be like lions where you have to buy the member card sadly. 

Well guess that's all jammers! Emmdog20 OUT!


Difficulties -3-
So I know there is no side bars.... well blogger is being a meanie. When I make a page it won't have side bars but, the other templates I do will give me side bars but not the thing on top that has all the pages. =-= Yeah i know I'm really mad right now and I can't figure it out. DX So I guess just give me some time.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

New items, Rares, and New Animal

What Could It Be?
Heyo there Jammers. It's me Emmdog20 and today i have a really cool update.
The new rare item Monday is....
really cool (and stylish  rare head feather. I think it looks really good on the animals (especially bunnys its's so cute on them XD) with its white and purple. I think these will become a big hit.

There is also a new item. 
This creepyish looking pumpkin mask. It is kind of cool in a way but, still kind of creepy. X3

There is a new animal around Animal Jam. Some believe she got this animal because she is testing it. Others believe she bought a code from a store like Walmart. Some even believe she hacked Animal Jam! I think she is just testing this awesome new animal! I hope it comes out soon.
I think she is a tester because she has a new animal that has not been released. Plus look at her name. It only says Arctic Wolf. You would think she would come up with a creative name and think of the names we have. Like how one of my animals is: Teensy Shypaw. In our names for the last part it is two words put together. I hope you can buy this animal with gems if and when it comes out, It would be too much of a hassle to buy it in a certificate  Well in all i LOVE this animal! And I want it REALLY REALLY REALLY badly (plus its actions are really cute and example is: when it "plays it pretends to roll around on the ground and then gets up and shakes it off!)! Well i guess thats all for this post. Until next time. Emmdog20 OUT!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yeah Sorry For Now

I know the music isn't the full things and stuff but it will have to be good enough until i can find out how to make it where it does one song or a "playlist" and stuff. So hang in there for me. ^^

New Items

New Items In Animal Jam

Hey Jammers! It's me Emmdog20! 
There have been some new items in Animal Jam and some items returning.
 The underwater jack-o-lantern head has returned to Jamaa! To me it is cool but, the rat on top of the head is weird. XD
 The underwater superhero cape has also entered back in the world of Jamaa. It's kind of ugly but, really cool! It has the Animal Jam "logo" as the symbol. How cool is that!?
The underwater skeleton suit is also back. It is a really cool item and will make your animals ten times scarier. When these aren't out people sometimes trade rares for them. How many will you end up buying now?
The feathered mask can be yours if you go to Epic Wonders (and spend 2,000 gems). This item is weird in a fascinating way. The details and how it looks is astonishing. I love it. I hate it. I hate it because Animal Jam is starting to make mask and such specific for one animal. If you look closely the mask is in the shape of a fox hat. This item is still uber cool though.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Items

Items You Can Buy During Halloween!

 Can be found in Jam Mart Furniture. The candy bowl during the year when it is not Halloween is kind of popular. Some people even trade rares for it. So, you might want to buy a couple or keep them close just in case.
 The Frankenstein mask can be found in the Haunted Forest Party. It is found in the box that looks like mask are coming out of. It is the only nonmember clothing item at the party. 
 The Bat Mask can be bought in Jam Mart Clothing. To me it looks more like a hat than a mask. I think it is really cool. Too bad you can't change the color of the eyes or the whole mask in general. The colors look really good for it. It is one of my favorite Halloween clothing items in Animal Jam.
 The creature mask is also bought in Jam Mart Clothing. The mask is really creepy. It is kind of ugly but, not really. It looks ugly but, then at the same time it's a monster (and it's Halloween) and most monsters look gross and ugly etc.
 You can find the hockey mask in Jam Mart Clothing (duh). It is really...... uhhhh (how to describe it)....... weird looking I should say. It's not my favorite item they made but, it kind of has this feeling/vibe that makes it cool.
 The mummy mask is also found in Jam Mart Clothing. This mask is creepy, weird, cheesy,  and so much like Halloween. It is cheesy because when you hear the word Halloween you think of mummys, ghost, candy, monsters, and scary. It has a really unique look but, at the same time simple.
 Ahhhh the phantom hat. One of the favorite Halloween clothing items in Animal Jam (I believe). This awesome phantom hat can be yours if you go to Jam Mart Clothing (and spend 250 gems). It comes in one color but, I don't care. Phantoms are black with white eyes. Why change that? I wouldn't want pink phantoms during Halloween. I love these hats and if it is not during Halloween I might not even trade it. They are so COOL!
 The vampire mask is creepy. I don't really like it to be honest. The teeth come out of the mouth in a messed up way. The vampire makes a face that makes it seem he/she is restarted and there is a random bat flying around. Well the bat was a nice touch.
 Also found in Jam Mart Furniture, this happy and sad jack-o-lantern is sure to add a scare to your den. He smiles as if he's happy, but also looks angry and mad. Because of that it makes me think that this jack-o-lantern is the scariest. 
 You guessed it! This jack-o-lantern is also found in Jam Mart Furniture. This is the only nonmember jack-o-lantern (sorry nonmembers). To me because it is happy and it's Halloween, it is my least favorite.
 This haunted pet house is found in Epic Wonders. It looks like the haunted house you can buy but, in the size for one of your pets. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!
 The evil jack-o-lantern is.... wait for it........ FOUND IN JAM MART FURNITURE (shocking isn't it)!! It is kind of cool but, still not my favorite.
 The Medusa mask can bought at the Haunted Forest Party. The had Medusa mask last year but, the ones from last year got a rare label. I think the mask is uber cool. It is so worth the 1,500 gems you spend on it (kind of). The snakes actually move around! I wish they made more items like that.
 The spooky lights can be bought at the Haunted Forest Party. The lights aren't a big thing of lights. It's just a small stripe (the size of what you see in the picture). They are still really cool. I think if it isn't that long the price could be about 75 gems but, Animal Jam would never do that. At the same time it is a good price and an awesome Halloween den item.
 The spooky fence is found in the Haunted Forest Party. I don't know what I like better, this fence or the fence from the Spooky Party. The fence from the Spooky Party was made out of bones. I wonder when the Spooky Party will come back. Cool item if you ask me.
 The spooky tree can be bought in Epic Wonders. It is really cool and yes it is bigger than the other tree you can buy. It leans to the side slightly (like it shoes in the picture). It is a really nice den item. I hope to buy it soon (I keep spending my gems D:).
 The corner spider web is bought in the Haunted Forest Party. It goes on the ground in corners (how it is positioned). I really like it.
 The ceiling spider web is also bought in the Haunted Forest Party. It goes on the ceiling in a corner (again because of the way it is positioned). It really adds a cool touch to anyone's den.
 The werewolf mask is bought in the Haunted Forest Party. Not much to say about it except that the teeth come out of the mouth funny and it could be more fluffier. It's an "okay" item.
 The wizard hat is also found at the Haunted Forest Party. So far, it has been the closet thing to with hats. I don't think witch hats are coming back out because the old ones already got a rare sign and a new one hasn't come out (unlike the Medusa mask). Well it is cool but, kind of not related to Halloween. Well i guess it is if it is apart of a costume and wizards are magical.
I feel like I don't even have to tell you where you buy it -.- but, I will :D. You can find it in Jam Mart Furniture. To me it might be the ugliest one. Yeah I know I'm going to hate on it.
 The bat tombstone can be found in Jam Mart Furniture. It is cool to me. I can't remember if the tombstone at the Spooky Party (not the Haunted Forest Party) is the same as this tombstone.
I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!!!! The Haunted Mansion Den!!! This den is ultra cool. Last year it in stores but, only during Halloween. Good thing i already got mine. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! If they brought back this den,  I wonder if during Winter they will bring back that snow den.